Transferring your Domain Registration to Starsol

Starsol Ltd is a member of Nominet, the registry for UK domains including .CO.UK and .ORG.UK, and can become your registrar simply having your existing registrar change the "TAG" for your domain to "STARSOL". For global domains, such as .COM and .ORG, we offer a registration service through our US affiliate, Starsol Domains.

Transferring your UK Domain to Starsol Ltd's Registration Service

To transfer your UK domain to our registration service, we recommend sending the following message to your existing registrar:

I currently have the domain name ""registered through your service and would like to move to another registrar. I have been advised that the registrar tag should to be changed by yourselves to "STARSOL" (without the quotation marks). Instructions on how this can be accomplished can be found at

If your registrar does not respond, has ceased trading, or you simply do not want to have any dialogue with them, it is possible to transfer your domain directly through Nominet for a small fee. For more information on this please see the Nominet registrar change guide.

Transferring your non-UK Domain to Starsol Domains

All the most commonly used global top-level domains can be registered through Starsol Domains. To transfer your domain's registration to Starsol Domains, please follow the procedure below. If you would like Starsol Ltd to manage your domain within our own Starsol Domains account (so the domain costs appear on your invoices from us rather than maintaining a separate account with Starsol Domains), please contact us.

  1. Please check that the administrative contact email address for your domain is correct and that you have access to email messages sent to the address. Normally, you will be able to check the address within the account area of your existing registrar, however if you can not find this you can do a WHOIS lookup on the domain which will reveal this information. We recommend DomainTools Whois Source for this (free) service.
  2. Many registrars will automatically "lock" your domain, which is a setting that automatically declines all transfer requests. If your domain is locked, unlock it.
  3. Next, initiate the transfer procedure on the Starsol Domains website. Starsol Domains will send an email to the administrative contact email address for the domain to confirm you would like to transfer to go ahead.
  4. Confirm the transfer as requested in the email sent from Starsol Domains.
  5. At this point, depending on your previous registrars policies, you may be asked for an "AUTH" or authorisation code to proceed with the transfer. This code is provided by the previous registrar, and most registrars will have a facility within their account areas that automatically emails this to you - if they do not, please contact your previous registrar requesting this information (be prepared for a sales pitch!).
  6. The previous registrar then transfers the domain to Starsol Domains, and you will be able to manage your domain name from within your Starsol Domains account. Technical support regarding Starsol Domains can be requested in the help centre.
  7. If you are also hosting your domain through Starsol Ltd, you will need to update the nameservers for your domain. If this is the case, please contact the individual that manages your Starsol Ltd account for instructions regarding this - if you are not yet a Starsol Ltd customer and would like us to provide hosting or other services, please contact us.
Starsol Ltd is registered in England and Wales Company Number 06002018.
Registered office: Aston House, 58 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1RY.
VAT Registration Number: 879 8964 22.