Food and Recipes

In addition to our First Recipes portals, Starsol publishes many high-quality recipe mini-sites for specific types of food and drinks. As types of ingredients available and food terminology varies significantly, we publish separate sites for the United Kingdom and United States, and will consider advertisers targeting either of these countries. For more information regarding advertising, or a complete listing of our sites, please contact us.

Examples of some of our published websites can be found below:

Pork Chop Recipes

Lots of different pork chop recipes. Includes how to cook pork chops by baking, grilling, frying, in a slow cooker and more.

Potato Recipes

Because potatoes are very plain, you can spice them and flavour them with any number of other ingredients. They can take spice, herbs, wine, chilli, cheese and cream easily and they always taste delicious. You can also alter the texture of potatoes, making them creamy and soft in some dishes and crispy and buttery in others.

Fudge Recipes

Fudge is a type of sweet confectionery that was first made in England. It tends to be made out of sugar, butter and milk, and it sets into a crumbly and smooth texture. Fudge is generally very easily flavoured and you can make it in pretty much any flavour that you like.

Rice Recipes

Rice's popularity among different cultures isn't just because it is easy to grow and trade - its versatility also extends to how it can be prepared for dishes: in pilafs, soups, salads, roasts, patties, burgers, the list goes on. Whether steamed, baked, or fried, rice completes dishes with its soft texture and slightly sweet flavour.

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