Logo Design

In addition to our core website services, we are pleased to offer logo design for businesses and organisations in need to a new look. If your company is losing business because of an unsuitable or out-of-date logo, please read on:

About our service:

The look of your logo can subliminally say a lot about your company to your customers and potential customers. The choice of font for any text, the colour scheme and the images can all help give your clients an idea about the nature of your business from a very quick glance. With this in mind, we at Starsol feel it is important that we can design logos for our customers based on our specialist knowledge of their target market and objectives.

What to look for in a logo:

Although we consider the creation of a logo to be a skilled service, we feel it is important to realise that the best logos are often very simple. Consider the logos of the manufacturer of your car, the supermarket you shop at, and the brand of the computer you are using right now - they are all probably very simple, yet still instantly recognisable and professional in appearance. While we are happy to create colour-rich images with complex texture effects, it is our recommendation that logos are kept basic.

Beyond just a logo:

In addition to using your new logo as part of your website, your logo design can form part of complete corporate identity for your company. Use it as part of a design for business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, envelopes and more.

How much does it cost?

Because the needs of our logo design clients vary enormously, we quote prices on an individual basis, however for small businesses requiring only one concept the price will likely be approximately £395 plus VAT. If you would like us to design a logo for your organisation, please contact us.

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