How to Access Your Email

If your email account is hosted on one of our Plesk-powered servers, you have the options of accessing your email either through software such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, or by logging in to a web-based email service.

To use the webmail service, you will simply need to know your email address and password. To install your email address in email software, you will need the following four pieces of information:

  • Your email address - for example
  • Your password
  • Your POP3 (incoming) mail server - for example
  • Your SMTP (outgoing) mail server - for example

If you do not know your password, please contact the person who manages your hosting and they will be able to reset it for you. In almost all cases, your POP3 incoming mail server will be (with replaced with the domain of your website). Your SMTP server in normal circumstances will be provided by the internet server provider you use to connect to the internet with (BT, AOL, Orange, Tiscali, Demon etc.) - if you do not know what this is please let the person who manages your hosting know the internet service provider you connect to the internet with and they should be able to find out this information for you.

Using Web Mail

To use webmail, go to , replacing with the domain name of your website. You will be asked for a username which will be your full email address and your password.

Installation for Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. If Mozilla Thunderbird is not already installed on your computer, it may be downloaded for free from Once the installation file has downloaded, run it by doubleclicking the icon where you chose to save it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. From the "Start" menu, hover the mouse over "All Programs", then "Mozilla Thunderbird", then click "Mozilla Thunderbird". (Note: If you are using a Macintosh, Linux or any operating system other than Microsoft Windows this step may differ slightly).
  3. Click "Tools", then "Account Settings".
  4. If you already have set up an outgoing (SMTP) mail server, skip to step 8. Otherwise, click "Outgoing Server", then on the right, click "Add".
  5. In the window that opens, enter a description (we recommend the name of your ISP) and the SMTP server name provided by your ISP.
  6. Normally, you will not need to enter a username and password, but if you have been provided with such credentials by your ISP enter them.
  7. Click "Ok".
  8. In the window that opens up, click the "Add Account" button.
  9. Select "Email Account", then "Next".
  10. Input your name and email address in the appropriate fields, then click "Next".
  11. Choose POP3 for your type of incoming mail server, then input the incoming mail server that Starsol has provided (likely
  12. Depending on your preferences, you may wish to tick or untick the "Use Global Inbox" checkbox. If you are uncertain what this does, we advise you uncheck it. Then, click "Next".
  13. Input your incoming username as provided by Starsol (likely to be exactly the same as your email address, including the @ and your domain name). Click "Next".
  14. Input an account name for this email. We advise that you enter your email address in this field. Click "Next", then "Finish".

Installation for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express

- Click "Tools"

- Click "Accounts"

- Click on the "Mail Tab"

- Click "Add", then "Mail"

- In the box labeled "Display Name" type your name as you would like it to appear on outgoing email. For example, "John Smith, Acme Consulting".

- Click "Next"

- In the box labeled "E-mail Address" type your email address.

- Click "Next"

- In the box labeled "Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server", type your POP3 incoming server (likely

- In the box labeled "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server", type the address of the outgoing mail server as provided by your ISP.

- Click "Next"

- In the box labeled "Account name", type your email address.

- In the box labeled "Password", enter your password.

- Check the box labeled "Remember password"

- Click "Next"

- On the panel that asks "Which method do you want to use to connect to the Internet?", it is recommended to select "manually".

- Click "Next"

- Click "Finish"

- Immediately click on "Properties". This will reopen the "account" you have just created.

- Click "Ok" and your email address is installed.

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